Hello everyone! I'm excited to introduce the genius behind the quirkiest and most entertaining games you'll ever see! I'm an amateur 2D game programmer, and this is my enchanted kingdom where my creations come to life. Dive into a world of wacky adventures, eccentric characters, and breathtaking challenges. My games are like an emotional rollercoaster – they'll make you laugh, cry, and scream with joy (and sometimes frustration, but let's not mention that too loudly).

all of course thanks to PhaserJS.

Crazed Quadrupedes

In this game the player must guide a caveman in gathering food, helping him avoid the crazed quadrupeds. The only control system is touch, which reverses the player's direction.

... in revision

on the wrong side

A game where a race car speeds by while cars from the opposite side enter the road, with one finger you change lanes and play!

... in progress

Stairs and Cobra

a platform game where the player must reach via ladders to the maximum level while snakes are always lurking!

... in progress

Ladies in a Box

The game is very simple consists in moving between some platforms, collecting as many coins as possible, avoiding the enemies. For this game i used tiled software and a dynamic loading of json and tiles. I experimented a lot, publishing the game on a particular platform, KaiOS.

... in revision
More to come... More to come...

and much more...

Others still have more to come...

... in progress